How to fake being a Republican!




Years ago…during the days of LBJ,  existed what they called Southern Democrats.  These people were basically part of the racists “Love the Klan, Save your Confederate money – the South is goin rise again”, “Conservative White Folks”, “Fiscal Conservatives”, “Whitewash racial hate!” , “Defeat the Liberal Republicanism of Nelson Rockefeller, “Not a nickels worth of difference – between Republicans and Democrats!”, “Return to the Gold Standard!”, “Keep Churches Tax Exempt forever!”, “Separate but equal education!”, “No busing EVER!” – coalition!  The familiar refrain was that “America should return to its roots!”  It was so essential to the political dialogue that even Alex Halley had to write a book called “Roots” and made it into one of the most popular television series and books since the civil war.  Here in California extremely liberal ex-Governor Earl Warren made his way to the Supreme Court as Chief Justice and represented the ultra-liberal branch of the Republican Party.  The backlash against Liberal Republicanism included the voices of Joe Pine on radio and TV along with other American Patriots…..that sought a return to “Fiscal Conservatism and a Pay as you go Government”!  These were the days when teenager flocked to the likes of Wally George during the 70’s.  The lines were starting to get blurred between what a Republican and what a Democrat really were!

Today, “Closing Down Government” is a cliche’ for:  “We are Republicans and we will fight for you!”  All appropriate apologies to Jacoby and Myers aside.   The problems is:  When did closing down government to save 30 billion dollars in spending make someone a Republican?  In the last election cycle it was interesting to watch…..the so-called Moderate Wing of the Republican Party state unequivacally that:  “The Tea Party is a minor player in this election and we will simply disregard anything we think not appropriate!”  That was on election day 2010!  Fast forward a few months and now the pandering to the so-called “Tea Party Wing of the Republican Party” is unabashedly ridiculous!

Remember “United We Stand”?  “Remember George Wallace and his campaign in 1968 and 1972?”  “Remember the American Independent Party?”  “Remember the run by Ross Perot?”  The interesting part of all this discussion is wondering what a real Republican is supposed to represent.  As Republicans do we support Nuclear Energy but depise High Speed Rail?  As Republicans do we want a balanced budget based upon tax breaks for International companies that move our jobs out of this country?  As Republicans do we support Hedge Fund and Derivative Investment banks that make egregious profits while we support higher taxes and even interest rates for middle class Credit Card use?  As Republicans, do we want a Healthcare System that is guaranteed to bankrupt every senior citizen in the next 10 years…without price controls?  As Republicans, do we want banks that can foreclose on homes without proper documentation of ownership?

The list we must say is long.  Much longer than we can write here.  The truth of the matter is simple:  Republicans and Democrats can come from every point of the compass.  Sadly, it seems that the average citizen is caught in word games about what is  the so-called Conservative solution as opposed to the so-called Liberal solution. 

As we look at the present state of our government:  Jerry Brown – Governor of California and Barack Obama – President of the United States, for the first time we wonder – Why do they look so REPUBLICAN?  Why can’t the so-called leaders of the Republican National Committee bring someone other than Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney or even Donald Trump to lead us?

One thing is for sure:  All the Republicans that seem the current frontrunners  as the Republican candidate for President in 2012 – seem to be faking it!   It would be great to know who they are really representing….either now or in the future!

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