It’s War Now: Help Recall the Union-busting Wisconsin Senators!




You’ve probably heard already what happened last night in the Badger State.  To wit:

  • after pretending this whole time that stripping the public employee unions of their right to collectively bargain was somehow related to the budget and so needed a quorum;
  • after spending all this past week pretending to the media, Democrats and the public that they were getting ready to compromise;
  • after every single poll showing public opinion in Wisconsin and nationwide turning firmly against their draconian union-busting plan:

Scott Walker and his 18 loyal Republican Senators suddenly and with no warning or notice stripped bargaining rights from public employee unions, finally admitting that it had nothing to do with the budget and so didn’t need a quorum after all.  And remember, neither Walker nor any of these Senators had said anything about doing this shit when they were campaigning for office.  This was NOT what Wisconiners voted for.

Such desperate, unpopular, and unlawful lengths they’ll go to just to please their billionaire patrons!

“This is my Beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased.”

It’s likely this move – which seems to have broken Wisconsin’s open meeting rules and requirements for notice on such legislation – will not survive legal challenge.

But one thing’s for sure – this dirty move just stiffens Winsconsiners’ resolve to go full steam ahead with the recalls of the eight susceptible Senators that did this (and come January, the malevolent Governor himself.)  If even half of the Senate recalls are successful that will be enough to shift control of the Senate to the Democrats.   This undemocratic overreach of these anti-labor extremists is likely to turn Wisconsin blue for some years to come, and teach a salutary lesson to the extremists in some other states who are attempting even crazier power grabs.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking forward to updates from Wisconsin OJ friend Barb Tappa, who’s taking a leadership role recalling Senator Robert Cowles in her hometown of Green Bay (go PACKERS!)  WE can help with the heroic work in Wisconsin by clicking here, or here, or here.  I gave $8 the other day, but now I’m so pissed off that when payday comes I’ll give another $80.  Remember, if we don’t stop them in Wisconsin now, they’ll be taking over the whole country.

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