It only took an earthquake to change history (Winships)




Public opinion is a hard taskmaker.  Watching the carnage in Japan has seemingly redirected the concepts of progress again.  It harkens back to the days of the Space Program in January of 1967 when three of our astronauts burned up on the ground, doing some testing in an Apollo Space Capsule.  That single event had serious ramifications which tilted the energies of Congress and some people in the country to question the efficacy of the entire Space Program.  How we averted the end of the Space Program was purely because of the momentum that had most of the economic determinism going to the Moon.  Literally, millions of ongoing jobs were held in the balance.

The horrific onging events in Japan, the tsunami damage to Hawaii, Crescent City, Santa Cruz and all of California have shifted the energy conversation suddenly away from Nuclear Energy,  High Speed Rail and has virtually  paralyzed financial markets for the time being.  As oil prices spike again and again, due to the events in Northern Africa and Arabia……the world is faced with the effects of  “Mother Nature”.  An 8.9 or 8.4 Earthquake is nothing to sneeze at obviously.  Being one of the top five earthquake events in the history of the world has to get ones attention.  The uncertainty of where the next one might strike and to what damage could be done will undoubtedly have actuaral tables jumping from Syria to Arkansas.  The unknown is a terrible concept to contemplate when you are talking about investing your life savings into something.  A good example is that San Onofre Nuclear Facility is earthquake safe up to a 7.0 Earthquake!  Not so reassuring.

Just when we thought that the global economy could make a comeback, gas prices surge through the roof.  Just when we thought that health insurance cost could be contained…the cost of everything sails through the ionisphere!  Food prices, Transportation, Manufacturing Costs, Labor Costs all striving for higher levels.  In the middle of this mess stands a bunch of so-called “cost containment bureaucrats”.  First off how can costs be contained for instance in California, if the people vote for the Brown Initiative asking for $60 Billion dollars in new debt….paid for through bonds or taxes?  We love Downtown Jerry Brown, but we certainly can disagree when as we continue to wonder why Government Officials at every level of Government simply don’t  start cutting their budgets by 10 to 20% across the board – rather than just asking for more cash from the taxpayers?

The attacks in this nation against “Organized Labor Contracts” are dispicable.  If you don’t like your employees – just fire them!  Don’t take away their rights to negotiate, their ability to be represented in collective bargaining, their desire for better working conditions.  When Ronald Reagan fired the Air Controllers….he just plain fired them…he didn’t ask them to disband their Union.  Tennessee Ernie Ford sang a song that was number one for 45 weeks….16 Tons….back in the 50’s.  The key line was “I owe my soul to the Company Store!”…..noting what happens when business or anyone is given unlimited ability to control their own labor markets.  “Begging Poor”…has been the prevailing wisdom by the greedy.  NFL owners might be a good current example in their dispute with the NFL Players Association…..but we will have to review more of the details before making any further judgments in that regard.

The terrible events in Japan have done more than move mountains of water, kill thousands, destroy homes, businesses or communities  or even create years and years or rebuilding.  It has sent a message that Nuclear Energy can be more dangerous than what we may have thought…a chilling reality.  We have yet to hear what damage was done to the Ja[anese High Speed Rail System…..but we are fairly sure……that comparisons to our San Andreas Fault….be utilized with impunity.  The inner-connectability and internet capability of our world has brought the horrors from across the globe  to our own doors – unedited.  What the future holds will depend of the perceptions we receive and how much they will impact our own desires for progress, for a better quality of life and for own ability to see the future in a positive and caring way.

It only took an earthquake to change history….Krakatoa it was not…..but the effects may be longer lasting for the rest of the world.  Our prayers for all those affected in Japan and for  all of us here!

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