“Perfect” Women’s Clothing Model is a Man




Given my non-existent interest in the world of fashion, I think that it must have been the Orwellian double speak nature of a story about the “perfect” female model that turned out to be a man.  In the movie “the Devil Wears Prada” I was definitely in Anne Hathaway’s corner cheering for the non-fashionista.  The rage at London’s Fashion Week is the latest hot new model of women’s clothing, 19 year old Andrej Pejic, and how this model’s body is just “perfect” for the new designer women’s clothes.  Just one tiny problem (please excuse the pun), Andrej Pejic is an Australian dude.

It must say a lot about our current society if the best model for women’s clothes is a boy not yet able to drink.  As reported by the BBC:

“Andrej is obviously beautiful and he has the most amazing figure. When you consider that a lot of designers are designing for this impossible ideal for someone who is 5ft 11in, no hips and no chest,” says the Daily Telegraph’s fashion director Hilary Alexander.


We sometimes wonder why our kids find things confusing in today’s world in which we evidently want to “feminize” men and make women more boyish.  While this may be the talk of the town in the fashion houses in London, Paris, New York and Milan I find it symptomatic of a world culture trying to discover “modern” values and beliefs when those beliefs and values have been there all along.  Let me give you a little hint, they DO NOT involve worshipping a 19 year old boy posing as the “perfect body” to model women’s clothes.

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