SA City Council: Can’t Say They Weren’t Invited!




Yesterday afternoon, a new breath of life was breathed into an independent grassroots arts institution in Santa Ana. The Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble enjoyed another successful end of the year fundraiser! Bistro 400 on 4th street were our humble hosts. We were graced by the artistic talents of Xicana comedy troupe Las Ramonas and the wonderful music of Nancy Sanchez and Aparato! Thanks to money collected at the door, silent auctions, raffles and a generous matching fund pledge, the theater company did quite well for itself despite the scaled down size and scope of the event.*

In the lead up to the event, Sara Guerrero, the visionary and artistic director of Breath of Fire, attended a Santa Ana city council meeting and cordially invited all those in attendance to come to the event. I’ve been a board member for many years, and I recall Councilwoman Michele Martinez attending our first “Noche de Milagros” fundraiser. With a bit of intrigue in between sips of mojitos, I wondered if any of the city’s elected representatives would even find the time enough to make an appearance so as to be seen. Well, I was there throughout the whole event and sadly report no such visitation. (This despite the “Arts & Culture” blog roll links the new website for Mayor Pulido and Councilwoman Martinez display.)

Back in the FDR days of Liberalism, there were interesting ideas that were actualized such as the Federal Theater Project. As part of the New Deal, this also included “Negro Theater Projects” in a number of cities across the United States. It was a big boost for minority artists in difficult times. It would be wonderful if there was city leadership that harked back to those days and supported true artistic endeavors that promoted progressive culture and reflected the community. Imagine a municipal theater project in the city of Santa Ana! But before we can even go that far, we have to imagine a city council member showing up to a fundraiser for award winning theater company like Breath of Fire! Now that, had it happened, would have been the true milagro of the event!

They can’t say they weren’t invited!

NOTE: This blog solely represents the opinion of Gabriel San Roman and not explicitly that of Breath of Fire Latina Theater*

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