Kamala Harris is our new Attorney General!




Yes, Steve Cooley has finally conceded, and California now has its first black Attorney General, its first Indian-American Attorney General, and its first female Attorney General all in one.  This also makes a CLEAN SWEEP for the Democratic Party, for all major statewide races (that is, aside from little stuff like Board of Equalization.)

We also, arguably, have our most beautiful Attorney General.  What do you think?

Five ways in which this is especially good news, for those who care about liberty and justice:

  1. Cooley had vowed to crack down on medicinal marijuana dispensaries;  Kamala will leave them alone.
  2. Cooley had vowed to help defend our anti-gay Proposition 8 in court;  Kamala, agreeing with her predecessor Jerry Brown that it is unconstitutional, will decline to do so.
  3. Kamala will go after corporate and white-collar criminals which Cooley would have let skate.
  4. Even though it’s still politically dangerous, she is and has always been a staunch opponent of the death penalty. Set your hair on fire now, ye fogies who still have nightmares of Rose Bird!
  5. Karl Rove ploughed millions and millions of secret corporate dollars into this race at the last minute, worried that Kamala will have a great political future that should be nipped in the bud.  As well he should be worried.  Little doughy-faced bastard.

So.  I wonder when the Liberal OC boys will take note of this great news?  You’d think it would be a big story over there, no?  Oh well, keep coming back to the Orange Juice for the stories that really matter!

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