Jerry Brown expected to be a big supporter of California’s Latinos

Jerry Brown’s victory in the general election this month could be great news for California’s Latinos, according to an article in the Sacramento Bee.

He is expected to sign a bill that Governor Scharzenegger voted four times, that would let undocumented college students apply for financial aid from a pool of money that is private but administered by state colleges and universities.

Here are a few excerpts from the Bee article:

In the 1970s, Brown appointed the first Latinos to positions of California state power. He signed the nation’s only law to give farmworkers the right to choose unions.

“I’m not ashamed of the fact that people, particularly when they’re poor and when they don’t have power, and they don’t even speak English, they need a strong lawyer advocate standing in their corner,” Brown said in Fresno.

“I’m going to treat everybody, whether they’re documented or not,” he said, “as God’s child, and my brothers and sisters.”

He vowed that as governor he’d “do whatever I can” to get Congress to approve laws that include a path to legal status.

“Do we deport 2 million people in California, 11 million people throughout the country?” he said. “This is a real human tragedy.”

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