Sheriff’s Dept Information Report re CUSD candidate John Alpay

CUSD candidate John Alpay

CUSD candidate John Alpay

For several weeks a member of the Juice team has provided extensive coverage of the election in the Capistrano Unified School District, CUSD.

Part of that coverage included an interview of CUSD candidate John Alpay and his contacting the OCSD on August 18th to file a complaint against a process server.

According to a copy of the Sheriff’s Department  Information Report  Case # 10-154332 John Alpay wanted a process server charged with “assault, burglary and trespassing.”

If there was any evidence of an assault don’t you think that the process server would be charged?

Here we are two months later, three days before the election, and there is no confirmation of any OCSD investigation or follow-up.

As no crime was committed this is the end of the story.

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