OC GOP finally endorses Lynn Schott, for the Irvine City Council, but is it too late?

The Orange County Republican Central Committee has changed its collective mind and unanimously endorsed fellow committee member Lynn Schott in her bid to capture an Irvine City Council seat, according to the Voice of OC.

This happened on Monday night.  But is it too late, with the election coming up in just a couple of weeks?

There are a total of six challengers running for two seats on the Irvine City Council.  Click here to read about all of them.  Only one other candidate, Jeff Lalloway, has been endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County.  He is leading in fundraising too, but, predictably, he was hit in the mail and online this week by the Agranistas.

Agran ally Dan Chmielewski wrote this about the attack on his Liberal OC blog:

The website www.caseagainstjeff.com claims Jeff Lalloway defaulted on student loans to the tune of $2,000 to a Philadephia woman and owes $62,000 to the New Jersey Higher Education Assistance Authority.  The site says New Jersey officials filed court documents stating that Lalloway “concealed his whereabouts or by other means obstructed or prevented service of the judgment against him.”  The mailer says the sheriff of Philadelphia County was authorized by the courts to seize and sell all contents of the defendent’s residence.  The filings are between 13 and 23 years old.

How much of an affect will this attack on Lalloway have?  To be honest, I think it could backfire, but we will know for sure on Election Day.

Lalloway did get some help from the Lincoln Club, according to the Orange Punch Blog:

In the city of Irvine, we have a unique opportunity to defeat the corrupt, liberal Democrats who control the City Council — Larry Agran, who is running for re-election to the council, Beth Krom, who is running for Congress against our own Rep. John Campbell, and Sukee Kang, who is running for re-election as mayor.

Recently, this liberal majority has been the subject of negative press for a myriad of wrong doing — fromcorruption and wasteful spending on the so-called “Great Park,” to engaging in pay-to-play politics with city contractors, the Lincoln Club is committed to defeating them once and for all by electing solid conservatives such as our own Jeff Lalloway and Chris Gonzales for mayor.

To accomplish this goal, we have planned a series of targeted mailers through the “Voters for Responsible Government,” slate to educate Republican and independent voters about their liberal agenda.

I am not sure why the Lincoln Club didn’t help Schott as well.

Lalloway was the OC GOP’s best hope in Irvine.  If he goes down, they may have no shot at getting any seats on the Irvine City Council this year.  Poor Steven Choi may end up on the losing end of a 4-1 Democratic majority.

Will Irvine voters be swayed by attacks or will they pay heed to their City’s financial problems and murky future?

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