Important Nov 2 General Election dates and facts

YOUR VOTE IS VITALWhile we are bombarded by millions of dollars spent in nonstop political TV and radio ad’s have you registered to vote?  If not, why not?

Although we can become overwhelmed by the huge volume of data, or should I say spin, to sway or confuse us, hopefully you will not sit out this critical election.

To assist you in your selections I previously issued my voter recommendations. I would encourage every citizen to spend a few hours conducting your own research of the candidates and nine statewide Ballot measures. There are also local ballot Measures that impact some of our readers.

Following are three critical dates.

1. The last day to register to vote in October 18th.
2. Vote by mail Ballots should be sent to us starting Oct 4th.

3. The last day to apply for a vote by mail ballot is October 26th.

Notes: To register you must be a US citizen,18 years of age, without being in prison or on parole for a felony conviction.
 If you have moved, changed your name or party affiliation you need to reregister.

Mail in ballot will not count unless received by the ROV no later than 8 p.m. on November 2nd.

Regardless of how you vote don’t miss this opportunity to let incumbents know that it is no longer “business as usual,” especially at the local level with non partisan council races.

Check out your city’s 460 forms this week and you will discover that city council incumbents have a major advantage over challengers based on reported thousands in campaign contributions from the very same city vendors we Contract with.
i.e. Trash companies, ambulance service firms, OCFA, auto dealerships, cable TV providers, SC Edison, city landscape contractors, developers and other “special interests.” And folks, its all legal.

For the record I will not vote for any incumbent or former council member in our city.

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