Art Pedroza’s General Election Ballot Picks

The November General Election is shaping up to be a dramatic one, here in Orange County and particularly in Santa Ana, which is our County Seat.  And let’s not forget the statewide elections.  Our state is in serious trouble – we cannot afford to elect the wrong candidates.

So, here is how my ballot is shaping up so far:

Governor: No way I can vote for Meg Whitman.  I was leaning towards voting for the Libertarian candidate, Dale Ogden, but I have decided, despite some misgivings, to vote for Jerry Brown.  He is a flawed candidate, but he is the only candidate who will be able to deal with his own party.

Lt. Governor: Abel Maldonado voted to raise our taxes.  Adios Abel.  Gavin Newsom is good on immigration, but I cannot forget that he slept with his best friend’s wife when she was high on drugs.  So I am voting for Pamela Brown, the Libertarian candidate.

Secretary of State: I think Debra Bowen has done a good job.  I am going to vote to reelect her.

Controller: I am voting for Orange County’s own Libertarian candidate, Andy Favor.

Treasurer: I like Bill Lockyer.  He is one of the few Democrats who is for pension reform.  He has my vote.

Attorney General: Both the Democratic and the Republican candidates are for the death penalty and are not going to work to end the drug war.  I am voting for Timothy Hannan, the Libertarian candidate.

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Villines, the Republican candidate, voted to raise our taxes.  I don’t trust the Democratic candidate, Dave Jones.  As such I will be voting for Richard Bronstein, the Libertarian candidate.

State Superintendent of Education: I will be voting for Larry Aceves, who has been endorsed by the L.A. Times.

State Board of Equalization, District 3: I will be voting for the Libertarian candidate, Jerry Dixon.

U.S. Senate: I am voting for my fellow Orange Juice blogger, Duane Roberts, the Green Party candidate.

U.S. Representative, 47th Congressional District: Cecilia Iglesias, Independent candidate.  Yes, Iglesias is a bit conservative on some issues, but she is a former Democrat and she supports immigration reform and the Dream Act.  The incumbent, Loretta Sanchez, forgot her base and is now paying a steep price for that faux pas.  Plus Sanchez endorsed the corrupt SAUSD pension double-dipper Audrey Yamagata-Noji.  Kiss of death Loretta!

State Assembly, 69th Assembly District: Jose Solorio, incumbent.

CA Supreme Court: Carlos Moreno

Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 4, Division 2: Manuel Ramirez

SAUSD School Board: Of course I am voting for myself, and for John Palacio.  Click here to check out my campaign website.

Treasurer-Tax Collector; County of OrangeShari L. Freidenrich.

Santa Ana Mayor: Miguel Pulido, incumbent.

Council Member; City of Santa Ana; Ward 2: Michele Martinez, incumbent.

Council Member; City of Santa Ana; Ward 4: None

Council Member; City of Santa Ana; Ward 6: Sal Tinajero, incumbent.

Prop. 19: Yes – Time to end the drug war.

Prop. 20: No – This is a ridiculous measure

Prop. 21: I changed my mind on this one.  No!  Our state parks are important but charging $18 per vehicle is going to really hurt businesses.  Other states charge folks a fee that they can opt to reject.  That would be preferable.

Prop. 22: Yes – I am no fan of redevelopment, but I don’t want our state legislature raiding our city coffers

Prop. 23: Yes – This one was tough, as I do care about the environment.  But the last thing we need to do is kill more jobs.

Prop. 24: No – We are way overtaxed.  If corporations pay more taxes, that will kill jobs.

Prop. 25: No – Crazy.  The last thing we need to do is make it easier for the State Legislature to raise our taxes.

Prop. 26: Yes – Stops raising of fees, which are often more like taxes

Prop. 27: No – Another silly measure

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