2010 FFFF Fullerton Voter Guide

The generally non-partisan bloggers here at Friends for Fullerton’s Future have come up with a handy election guide for Fullerton voters. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or independent voter, everyone hates to see public resources mismanaged and squandered by political opportunists, bureaucratic excuse-makers and drowsy incumbents.

These recommendations are based on a preference for candidates who represent the principles of limited government, personal freedom and courage to stand alone when necessary.

Fullerton City Council – 2 Year Seat

Bruce Whitaker

Bruce has always been independent and principle-driven, and he has proven himself to be a real tax-fighter. His past victories have already saved Fullerton residents over $150 million in unnecessary utility taxes.

Fullerton City Council – 4 Year Seat

Greg Sebourn

Greg’s platform centers around cleaning up waste in local government and bringing fiscal sanity back to Fullerton. He has already called out several wasteful projects and agencies on our blog and his own while proposing very reasonable alternatives.

Barry Levinson

Barry has shown courage in publicly denouncing Redevelopment boondoggles and he promises to reign in ridiculous public employee pensions. His background as an auditor may come in handy, too.

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