The Register needs your help – Who are the most “notorious” OC officials in history?

In honor of the arrest of Eight Bell Crooks, our sclerotic ultra-conservative monopoly daily wants to get all interactive with you today!  Journalist Brian Martinez has put up a real interesting rogue’s gallery of our lovely county’s “most notorious” Orange County officials going back to the 70s, and he’s soliciting input for who else should be there.  I don’t know about the choice of the word “notorious,” I think what he means is “most corrupt and also got caught and punished.”  But here’s what he’s got so far:

  • Supe Robert Battin, 1975
  • Supe Ralph Diedrich, 1977 “larger than life”
  • Supe Philip Anthony, 1977
  • Congressman Richard Hanna, 1977
  • Congressman Andrew Hinshaw, 1977 (what a year! I was busy in high school)
  • Newport-Mesa USD “trustee” Stephen Wagner, 1992
  • Supe Don Roth, 1993
  • Brea Mayor Ron Isles, 1992
  • Treasurer Robert Citron, 1995
  • HB Mayor Pam Houchen, 2005 (what happened to our Dave Garofalo?)
  • Ass. Sheriff George Jaramillo, 2009
  • Sheriff CARONA, 2009
  • Assemblyman Mike “Drippy” Duvall, 2009

So help a guy out, we know this is just scratching the surface.  Let’s help Brian get to 50 or 60, OJ community!  Click here if you have any suggestions for him.

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