they lost their base

Has the Tea Party captured the Republican base?  Will the Newt Gingrich “Charter for a better America” really sell….to anyone?  Is Sarah Palin the default titular head of what is left of the Republican Party?  Can the existing “Republican electeds” hold much credence while trying to fault the President into making pivotal mistakes – while doing nothing themselves?

As the LA Times demonstrates today….the Latinos are not buying the Republican rhetoric!  The black vote wavering or not is going to go to for the major Democratic candidates by election day.  The Asian base is twisted into a knot and is really not bringing any unit cohesion to their voting block.  More and more people of all persuasions are opting out of voting either Republican or Democrat.  They are filing as either Independent or Decline to State.  Those awful supersized mega robo-calls are turning more people off….than getting them out to vote!  The most persuasive “vote getter” seems to be a good  television ad.  A candidate does a great television ad and they go up in the polls.  They do a not so wonderful television ad…they decline in the polls.

The so-called Republican Leadership has failed to address the problems of this country which average Americans are more likely concerned about; for instance:  (1) Fixing Immigration Laws and HI-B thru HI-D Visas.  (2) Stopping the flight of US jobs to China and other locations around the world. (3) Stopping the wartime footing this country is on, bringing the boys home and implementing the Biden – dealing with insurgent method for all foreign terrorist. and… (4) Making sure that the middle-class tax cuts from Bush remain in place….whether the ones for people making  over $250,000 – expire or not.

The above items are just a start, as well as the issues involved in the pricing and obtaining of brand prescription drugs, those gross ads on television – the constant march for higher and higher healthcare costs are very unsustainable if you want Republicans to be in charge.  Not extending Unemployment Insurance was a Death Wish…..not adding a COLA for Social Security recipients and the Military was not too smart either – whatever measurements for inflation they might employ.  Repealing Capital Gains taxes and the Death Tax for Multi-Millionaires doesn’t make sense either.  Not fixing the Foreclousure issue for homes worth half of what they were worth in 2007 is another bad deal which is not going to restore much confidence to the greater US Residential and Commercial Real Estate Market.  Continuing to bankroll Investment Banks, Insurance Companies and International Investment Groups…with Government Bail-out money while not favoring the small banks in this country is ridiculous.  Either demand that the big bankers lend to the smaller banks or shut those too big to fail… down!  Break them up into at least three pieces -please!

The Republicans initially got us into this mess by going along with the sub-prime liar loans, Phantom Hedge Funds and repealing Glas-Stagall back during the last days of the Clinton Administration.  They have done nothing to rectify that.  They are like knodding dogs in the window for the Democrats when it comes to any of these issues.

Why vote Republican, if they are going to do the same thing that Democrats are doing now?  The Republicans have not attempted to limit or control goods from foreign countries – that are in direct competition with our US goods.  The Republican “free-traders” are all for sending our best goods and services to foreign countries in exchange for less than par foreign goods.  Why do we get “B” grade agricultural and dairy products while we send our best – out of the country to every world class resort on the planet?  Do we have to send everything?  Does every customer service rep in the world have to come from New Delhi or Mumbai?

The Republicans have mounted a seemingly endless strategy to elect “so-called moderate, liberal or RINO Republicans”.  These are the same people that voted for the TARP and the Stimulus and then without blinking an eye,  want us to re-elect them!  The time has come for the Republicans to stop taking “their base” for granted.  Gratefully, “The Tea Party” people have targeted these squishy Republicans and would rather elect Goofy or Donald Duck than the choices that we are being provided.  What the Republicans are failing to understand, is that the longer the currently elected “moderates” of the Republican party hang around….the longer it will take to root them out and to recapture “the base”.  Republicans better take notice!

Finally, in case anyone is confused:  Al-Qaeda also means “The base”!   Could be the reason why some Democrats are calling Tea Party members – the Republican Taliban! Why every Republican in Congress has not come out against “The Mosque at Ground Zero!” or “Mecca West”…should lose their seat!  In spite of the PR program put out by “60 minutes” this Sunday.  You can bet that the Tea Party and most Americans still aren’t buying the “providing a non-radical, non-denominational place for Islamic Peace”  logic!

Where is the leadership that we used to have in the Republican Party?  In the good old days….we would have had a Republican response to virtually every issue facing the American people.  We apologize to those Republicans who undoubtedly would have or could have mentioned 15 other things that separate Republicans from Democrats….but until we are able to fix some basic things in this country….there is little chance that the Republicans will recapture “the base”!

So, Republican Party….there you go.  You have your marching orders and they are as clear as we can make them.  Fix it or forget it……and please don’t cry when you get your hat handed to you in November.  If you think we are all wet….then continue to do what you are doing…and then have the Tea Party members mention to you in passing,  right after the 11-2 election – just how you might fix it!

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