Orange Juice Blog Radio to debut tonight, 7-9!


Are you ready for Orange Juice Blog Radio?  We will be debuting our new online radio political talk show this Wednesday, September 8, at 7 pm,  courtesy of our friends at Santa Ana’s Beat Lounge Entertainment and Beat Lounge Gospel.

My co-hosts will be our editor, Vern Nelson, and our blogger Sean Mill.  Nelson, a professional musician, will also handle our musical interludes and sound effects.  Mill has experience in broadcast media, as a former associate producer for the Wally George T.V. Show.  Mill also has a degree in political science, courtesy of U.C.I.

It looks like our first show will feature:

  • R. Scott Moxley, the OC Weekly’s top investigative reporter.  Moxley just wrote a very in-depth article regarding the possible corruption and waste on the Irvine City Council regarding the Great Park.
  • Vern Nelson is going to welcome La Femme Wonkita and our commenter “Gericault” to talk about the latest developments regarding the Orange County Fairgrounds, in our second hour, starting at 8 pm.
  • We’ll be discussing the recent wave of Islamophobia and this weekend’s threatened Koran burnings with a spokesman from CAIR, along with Orange Juice’s new planned fund to replace those Korans in the name of religious freedom.
  • We’re pursuing special speakers on the Spitzer firing controversy.
  • We will have a few of the Irvine City Council candidates on.  Bijan Mazarji is confirmed and we are waiting on a few more confirmations.– next week
  • I have also invited Assembly candidate Debbie Tharp and Congressional candidate Mike Binkley to come on the show to talk about their campaigns, which are also in the Irvine area– next week
  • And, time permitting, I hope to have on a representative of the Prop. 19 campaign too. – next week

The online radio show will start at 7 pm and run through 9 pm.  It will be aired repeatedly during the following week, at various different times during the day.

We are also going to ask our blogger Francisco Barragan to host Orange Juice en Espanol, on LA Radio Mundo Latino, which will be debuting soon, online.  I plan to co-host that show as well.

Click here to check out the online channel we will be using for our show.  Save the date!  Love or hate us, I promise it will be a truly entertaining and informative show!

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