Money never sleeps….on Wall Street

We went to Triangle Square and paid $5 bucks to see the new Oliver Stone “Wall Street….money never sleeps!”  We went to the 11:40AM showing and found it amazing that as the opening credits started running, literally hundreds of obvious single stock brokers arrived to find their seats.  None of these guys brought a date!

They were all dressed in standard Day Trader attire….expensive slacks , white shirt and tie.  A bunch of old people piled into the back of the theatre and as the presentation moved along, the smattering of giggles, laughs and heavy breathing followed.  The Day Traders didn’t appear to be laughing very much and as Gordon Gecko makes a cameo performance of a  “Bernie Madoff  look-a-like” – the entertainment turned to watching those – watching the film.

Arguably and ironically, this may be Michael Douglas at the best we have ever seen him.  No doubt he will be nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards.  Whether you consider it as just feeling sorry for Mr. Douglas….while he is fighting heavy duty throat cancer or not.  His performance was both touching and at his cynical best.

Anyone that has invested in Wall Street since 1983 will be interested to review and compare the prior Wall Street film with Charlie Sheen to the current edition.  Anyone that has ever bought a house will also find this film very interesting. We won’t bother to mention the many great keeper lines from the movie…but there are many.  It will be interesting to see how much affect this movie will have on the November election choices!

Little doubt, it is a very entertaining and educational vehicle on how the Wall Street/Global Investment Community – crowd – screwed the American Public…in fact, screwed everyone…and why perhaps, all the stock brokers in the theatre……were not laughing.

Look for the Charlie Sheen cameo….it is very cool.

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