From Melissa: My opponent Don Wagner wastes Tens of Thousands of Taxpayer Dollars on John Williams’ Junkets.

New from the blog of Melissa Fox, Assembly candidate for the 70th District:

My Assembly opponent Donald P. (Don) Wagner has approved spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars for out-of-state junkets for his fellow community college trustee John Williams, even while the community college district has imposed severe cuts to college classes and students.

As the Orange County Register has reported, Williams spent over $29,500 of the taxpayers’ money for junkets from July 2007 through December 2009.

Donald Wagner approved each of these taxpayer-funded junkets.

And just this week, Wagner again voted to approve spending another $2,425 of the taxpayers’ money for yet another John Williams junket to Orlando, Florida.

Williams has come under fire for being paid by Orange County for time he said he was working as the County’s Public Guardian while attending these out-of-state junkets approved by Donald Wagner and paid for by the taxpayers.

Orange County’s Internal Auditor is now reviewing the payroll time sheets turned in by Williams, who “traveled to conferences for a community college district at the same time records show he was on duty, working for the county. A citizen complaint to the county questioned how Williams legally could turn in time cards that said he was doing county work while he was physically at conferences in San Diego, San Francisco or out-of-state.”

What has self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative” Donald Wagner done to stop this abuse of taxpayer dollars?

Nothing.  He voted to approve it, each and every time.

For our community college students, the budget crisis means the elimination of classes, long waiting lists, rising costs, and drastically reduced aid.

But for Donald Wagner, it means business as usual, spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on out-of-state junkets for his friends and political allies.

We don’t need a representative in Sacramento who pretends to be fiscally conservative, but approves the abuse of taxpayer dollars for John Williams’ Florida vacations.

We don’t need a representative who applies a double standard, with one set of fiscal rules for himself and his friends, and another set of rules for everyone else.

As your representative in the California Assembly, I’ll fight against waste, fraud, backroom deals, and the abuse of taxpayer dollars no matter who is responsible.

Unlike Donald Wagner, I won’t have any double standards.


September 30, 2010

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