Barbaro bullies Cecilia Iglesias, but Sanchez and the DPOC have only themselves to blame

Frank Barbaro, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County, had a fit today because independent Congressional candidate Cecilia Iglesias got caught in a picture with Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for Governor, over at the O.C. Register.

Hard to blame Iglesias.  I can’t stand Whitman, but the California Democrats failed to recruit ANY Latinos for statewide office – and the best they could do for Governor was to nominate a retread who is doing a poor job of reaching out to Latinos, while Whitman is pandering non-stop to Latino voters.

Barbaro sent out an email statement: “Voting records show that Ceci walks like a Republican, talks like a Republican and votes as a Republican.  While she may have ‘changed’ her party registration to Decline to State in 2009 so that she could qualify for the charade of running in the 47th Congressional District in 2010, she requested GOP ballots for elections in 2008 and 2006. I think she needs to explain why she is so embarrassed about being a Republican.”

Fair enough, but why isn’t Barbaro saying anything about John Leos, the Republican candidate for the Anaheim City Council who is actually a shill for the Orange County Employees Association?

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