Rackauckas’ firing of Spitzer should be investigated due to conflict of interest


OC Public Administrator/Guardian John Williams has been a favorite subject of ours for some time.  Click here to read all about how corrupt he is, courtesy of our editor, Vern Nelson.  Now the vile Republican scumbag has engineered the firing of Todd Spitzer from the O.C. District Attorney’s office, according to the O.C. Register.

Why did O.C. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas fire Spitzer?  He “spoke out Saturday, saying he was improperly fired from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office over a routine phone call to the Public Guardian’s Office to check into the status of a case,” according to the Voice of OC.

The biggest gotcha in the Voice of OC article is that Rackauckas is currently engaged to Peggy Buff, is a high ranking official in William’s office.

John Williams is a Quadruple-Dipper – taxpayers may have to spend millions on his retirement!

But there is more to this story.  The O.C. Register reported in December of last year that three O.C. Supervisors voted NOT to split the Public Administrator and Public Guardian positions — both headed by Williams — and give County CEO Tom Mauk oversight authority of the Public Guardian office, which he was going to appoint someone to run.  The Supervisors who voted against this sound proposal were Pat Bates, Janet Nguyen and Chris Norby.

A Register reader responded to this vote with this scathing comment:

Friends do protect friends!!!!! I hope everyone is aware of the the intricate political connections here. The assistant PA/PG (Peggy Buff) was heavily involved in the election campaign/fundraising for Patricia Bates. Do you think Bates owes the PA/PG office a favor?

Mr. Greer hosted campaign/fundraising dinners for Patricia Bates during her election………….hmmmm….More favors for Mr. Williams attorney.

Mr. Greer also represented Supervisor Nguyen during her time of her election issues…… perhaps another favor pay-off.

I guess we all get to continue to pay for politcal favors. Just once I would like our politicians to do right by us not their buddies. This is clearly a case of mismanagement that will haunt the tax-payers and the county for years to come. Just think – what will happen if Mr. Williams is re-elected this coming June? 4 more years of waste!!! I feel sorry for the clients his department is supposed to protect. What must they be going through?

It should also be noted that Williams cited his endorsement by Rackauckas on his campaign website (see the graphic above).

It is clear that California Attorney General Jerry Brown needs to investigate Spitzer’s firing, and the apparent conflict of interest that Rackauckas appears to be guilty of given his relationship with Williams’ employee, Buff.

I am not a big fan of Spitzer, but his firing does seem politically motivated.  This could easily turn into a giant scandal that could bring down both Rackauckas and Williams.  That would be a good thing for the people of Orange County.

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