OC’s Arab-Americans Call Out Self-Hating Mansoor

Sami Bishara Mashney, Anaheim-based Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Independent Monitor’ recently wrote a great opinion piece ripping Costa Migra Mayor and candidate for the 68th Assembly District Allan Mansoor for the sell-out that he is. Regular readers of Orange Juice know that Mansoor has long publicly downplayed his Egyptian-Arabic heritage. The article titled, “Allan Mansoor, Self-Hating Man” cites the blog comments made by the politician stating, “My father, though born in Egypt and with an Arabic name, was greatly influenced by European culture.” “I am taking exception to being classified as ‘one of three Arab-American candidates in city elections.’”

With such a pathetic disassociation with his Arabic heritage, why would Arab-Americans want to support a guy like this? They don’t! Sami Bishara Mashney, who founded the Network of Arab-American Professionals of Orange County, concludes his piece by declaring support for one of Mansoor’s rivals in the race, writing, “I am giving my vote to Phu Nguyen, a candidate who is not afraid to refer to himself as a “Vietnamese” American. As we say in Arabic, he who forgets his origin has no origin. That is the case of Allan Mansoor, who, in pursuit of success and influence, made the conscious decision to deny his origin.” When the story was re-posted on ‘The Happy Arab News Service’ (As’ad AbuKhalil’s smiley faced cousin in the blogopshere?) it was linked under the text, “I’m voting Phu, you should too!”

Unlike Mansoor, Phu Nguyen has already been supportive of the drive to have a section of the city of Anaheim designated as “Little Arabia.” Unlike Nguyen, the Costa Migra Mayor has angered many Latinos over the years with his stupid anti-immigrant policies in the city and is increasingly drawing the ire of Arab-Americans for the white-washing of his own background. Could Mansoor be a great flash point for the coming of a political alliance between OC Latinos and Arab-Americans that I so desire? Let’s hope so and discuss possibilities over hummus y guacamole!

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