Likely Jury Irregularities in Skilled Healthcare Verdict

Foothill Ranch-based nursing home operator Skilled Healthcare Group recently lost a court battle with trial lawyers but irregularities with the jury has the company demanding a new trial.

Brought to court over a claimed administrative violation of the number of healthcare professionals that are to be on duty per patient, the plaintiffs were awarded a $671 million award.

Skilled Healthcare, however, was made aware that one of the jurors in the case had not told the court of her connections to both the prosecution and a Skilled Healthcare facility casting her impartiality into serious doubt.

The company wants the previous case thrown out and a new trial.

In the meantime, the company has entered mediation over the $671 million award. Skilled Healthcare cannot pay such an extreme amount and will likely be forced into bankruptcy if they can’t come to a mediated settlement.

The company has a market share of $100 million and a credit line of only $94 million. Skilled Healthcare also reports $2 million cash on hand but its insurance wont cover the exorbitant award.

If the company is forced to declare bankruptcy its 22 facilities and 32,000 patients and workers face an uncertain future, including the hundreds of Orange County based employees whose jobs are at risk.

Martha Montelongo

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