Final Anaheim Council ballot released, with 14 candidates vying for two seats

The final Anaheim ballot for November’s election was released today.  You can see it in the graphic above.  Bill Dalati and Thomas “Hoagy” Holguin drew the short straws, appearing on the bottom of the ballot.  Some say however that voters will often look on the top and the bottom when making their decision.

Brian Neil Chuchua, a retired businessman, drew the top slot.  He is pictured in the thumbnail picture on our home page that is linked to this post.

John Leos, who is a probation officer, somehow was able to use the ballot designation “County Peace Officer,” which seems inaccurate if you ask me.

My friend John Santoianni has an interesting ballot designation that notes his work as a Hotel Concierge.  That’s great!  Finally an honest candidate.  There are a lot of resort workers who live in Anaheim and I hope they all vote for John.

There are a total of fourteen candidates, for two Council seats, which is unbelievable.

Three candidates are vying for Mayor.  Tom Tait is listed first on the ballot and will likely win.  He is opposed by Denis Fitzgerald and Shirley McCracken.

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