Campaign to regulate and tax Cannabis lagging in campaign contributions

Isn’t it time to end the drug war?

The effort to legalize marijuana, Prop. 19, has garnered more attention than any of the other nine propositions on the November ballot. But it has not drawn a lot of money.  Through July 30, total Prop.19 contributions — both for and against — have lagged behind total contributions for each other proposition, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Click here to contribute to Prop. 19, the campaign to regulate and tax Cannabis.  This measure will help stop the drug war!

So far, over 28,000 Mexicans have died in the drug war, with no end in sight.  Americans have created a $39 billion illegal drug market, and it is our guns that our killing all those Mexicans.

Vote yes on Prop. 19 and let’s restore sanity here and in our neighbor to the south!

Also, in related news, the Orange County Young Democrats are meeting this Thursday, in Santa Ana, to consider endorsing ballot measures.  Click here to read about that meeting.  Be sure to attend and to urge them to endorse Prop. 19!

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