Amezcua has long associated with the same gangs he is now complaining about

I had to laugh when I saw Alfredo Amezcua’s latest frantic email newsletter, which arrived in my in-box today.  In it he stated that “We deserve a safer city.”  I guess Amezcua forgot what he does for a living.

According to the California State Bar, Amezcua is a criminal defense lawyer.  He also appears to handle family law.  There is no mention of other specialties on his State Bar page.

Amezcua has made a living for over twenty years getting gang bangers, drug dealers, and sexual deviants out of jail.  Now don’t get me wrong, they are entitled to a defense.  However, how can he cry about public safety when he has been undermining public safety throughout his long career?

A friend of mine has heard Amezcua describe himself as a former gang member.  He is said to have been the top lawyer for the head of the Mexican Mafia, Peter “Sana” Ojeda.  In fact the L.A. Times identified Amezcua as an adviser for the Urban Gangs Council, in a 1993 article that also mentioned that Ojeda was a leader of this organization. 

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