Yes, we’re serious about ending the O.C. blog war

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Well, we got our response to the inital post I wrote in an attempt to end the festering Orange County blog war.

If you recall, we asked the bloggers at the Liberal OC to cease hostilities.  Their editor, Dan Chmielewski, responded yesterday with a post stating that there is no blog war.

With all due respect, we must disagree.  We pointed out already how ridiculous this blog war has become, with police officers showing up at Chmielewski’s and Sean Mill’s homes to interrogate them about anonymous comments made at the FFFF blog.  And of course there is the matter of the lawsuit brought by Chmielewski and his cohorts. 

Chmielewski now wants $20,000 to settle his frivolous lawsuit.  He knows I haven’t the money to do that or to even get a lawyer.  And yet he says this is no blog war.

He also claims that we are waging a personal war against Red County editor Matt Cunningham.  Not so.  Our friend Tony Bushala, of the FFFF blog, has uncovered evidence that Cunningham ripped off taxpayers by profiting from the Prop. 10 Children and Families Commission.  That is what Bushala has been cross-posting here.  Is that a personal attack or just good research?  The point of these posts has been all about principle – as in it is unprincipled for the supposedly conservative Cunningham to make a mint off a liberal measure, and in the process take money that should have been spent on “the children.”

I am not going to let anyone personally attack Cunningham, but pointing out his hypocrisy is fair game.  Remember that he is an appointed official, on both the Orange Planning Commission and the County of Orange Parks and Recreation Commission.  And he is a political consultant.  As I said before, he has skin in the game.

I am sorry that Chmielewski and company are not inclined to end all of this animosity.  If you want to read what they have to say, we have restored our RSS links, which appear on our home page, below our posts.  And we have included links to the Liberal OC, even though they continue to attack and ridicule us.  Why did we do this?  Because we are dead serious about ending this blog war, even if our counterparts at the Liberal OC want to keep heaping on the scorn.

In our continuing efforts to end the hostilities we also deleted over forty posts that I felt were too personal in nature against other O.C. bloggers and their allies – permanently trashing them.

I have a friend who is helping me to set up a legal defense fund.  I will keep you posted.  I don’t want to fight these guys but they are intent on destroying me and wrecking my family in the process.  I have no choice but to defend myself.

In the meantime, click here to sign an online petition asking Chmielewski to drop this lawsuit.  Thank you!

I want to thank all my friends who called and emailed Chmielewski.  I am sorry that he has resorted to threatening you on his blog.  I appreciate your bravery in standing up to these attacks!

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