Why punish state workers for legislators’ failure to pass a state budget?

Arnold is slashing state workers pay, but the late budget isn’t their fault!

Get this – our State Legislators and our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, have utterly failed to pass a state budget.  So who is Schwarzenegger punishing?  State workers!  Not cool.

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday ordered about 200,000 state workers to be paid the federal minimum wage this month because the state Legislature has not passed a budget,” according to the AP.

Apparently Schwarzenegger tried this before but got punked by John Chiang, our State Controller.  That matter is still on appeal.

Now I know that for some of us this might at first glance seem fair.  I think I took that position last time.  But think about it.  These workers did not contribute to this mess.  They have bills to pay.  And now they are going to pay the price for the failure of elected politicians to do their jobs.

Schwarzenegger should pay our Legislators minimum wage instead!  This failure is on their heads, not the state workers.

This just seems wrong.   What do you want to bet that Meg Whitman will act the same way if she becomes our next Governor?

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