Sting endorses the Tax Cannabis measure, Prop. 19!

At last night’s 2012: Time for Change screening in New York, Sting, who appears in the film, told CelebStoner that he thinks Prop 19, the Tax Cannabis initiative, will prevail in California come November. Sting recently joined the Drug Policy Alliance and appeared with Montel Williams in a DPA promo video, according to this link.

“Everyone knows the War on Drugs has failed,” Sting said in March. “It’s time to step out of our comfort zones, acknowledge the truth – and challenge our leaders, and ourselves, to change.”

And a few brave Democrats also have endorsed Prop. 19. Three California Congressional Democrats, Reps. George Miller, Barbara Lee and Pete Stark, who represent Bay Area districts, are the first federal legislators to publicly back Proposition 19, the initiative to regulate and tax cannabis sales, according to the Huffington Post.

Another Democrat, Mike Honda, who represents Silicon Valley, which owes much to consciousness-expanding drugs, said he was leaning toward voting yes. “It’s like driving or drinking: We have a certain age, then you have that privilege and if you abuse it you lose it. I don’t think this is any different, just like other kinds of legalized behavior,” said Honda.

Such great news!  But a bit of bad news came in this week too, as the latest Field Poll showed the measure is a bit behind at 44% in favor of it, versus 48% who oppose it.  The good news is how the voting breaks down: Likely voters younger than 30 heavily support it. They are joined by likely voters between 50 and 64 who came of age during the Vietnam War. Likely voters who are 65 and older oppose it 57% to 33%, according to the L.A. Times.

Click here to visit the official Prop. 19 website.  Click here to join the Prop. 19 Orange County Facebook page.

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