Martha’s last show, including Prop. 19, Doctors’ Tea Party and Women in Film

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My Guests:
Rodney Winters, on the question, is divorce contagious? We’ll talk about this theory, the impact of divorce on couples, children, friends and family.  Mr. Winters is the author of “Go Into The House,” about his personal experience with marriage and divorce.
Ralph F. Weber CLU, is an expert on health insurance.  He is an entrepreneur with innovative ideas for how to make health coverage more affordable, efficient and keep it dynamic and cutting edge.   He is the founder of Medi-bid, a consumer driven exchange for competitively bid medical services.  He’ll talk with us about the Doctor’s Tea Party event coming up in San Diego, August 7th, and his most recent post at Mediblog titled Canadian Physician Warns, “Obamacare Rationing is Inevitable.”

Russ Jones, a narcotics detective, and speaker from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), joins me to discuss the campaign in CA to legalize marijuana.  All of LEAP’s speakers are required to be in or retired from a career in law enforcement.  This includes judges, police and other law enforcement agencies.
We’ll discuss who is funding the Yes on Prop19 and the No on Prop 19 sides?   Who supports Prop 19, the initiative on the Nov ballot in CA?  What are the arguments for and against Prop 19, and what is the truth of the matter, if you’re a concerned citizen who cares about law and order, and protecting individual citizens from tyranny and crime?

Courtney Balaker, writer, producer and director who is working in Hollywood, joins us to talk about her most recent projects and her experience working in media.  I loved a short film she wrote, produced and directed a few years ago, called Cute Couple.  More than cute, it’s very clever and thought provoking. And Courtney is a lot of fun!

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