Lupe Moreno declares jihad on Mexican civil rights activist

The Benavides Hatergate scandal blew up again today as Minuteman Lupe Moreno began a libelous jihad against Mexican civil rights activist Naui Huitzilopochtli.  Moreno forwarded a letter asking her hater supporters to attack Naui on the O.C. Register’s website.  The letter appears below.

Moreno filed a false police report with the SAPD claiming that Naui attacked a pastor at the Santa Ana Independence Day event that Moreno and her Minutemen friends took over.  Naui tells me that is a total lie and that he would be willing to go get a statement from the minister in question.

Here is the real question – what sort of minister hangs out with Minutemen?  Why does Lupe go all the way to Newport Beach to attend Liberty Baptist Church?  Does this church condone hatred of immigrants?  Click here to email the Pastor at Liberty Baptist.

Would Jesus have hated immigrants?  Did he not admonish us to look after the needy?  Shame on Moreno and Liberty Baptist for embracing an agenda worthy of Lucifer himself!

Here is Moreno’s hateful letter:

Click here to read the rest of this post and to watch a video of Lupe Moreno filing a false police report.

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