King James gives president Obama the day off

Le Bron James Richest homeless man we will ever read about

The ultimate gift for a president in trouble is to have King James, also known as “LeBron”, taking the spotlight for the past 24 hours. 

 At 6 p.m. on the west coast, when ESPN will devote 60 minutes to the man of the hour, and whereas none of my fellow Juice bloggers have posted this highly publicized decision, I will take a crack at it and ask you to join in.

Where will the King  announce that  he is playing next season?

Will he remain in Cleveland? If he bails out how will the locals feel about that decision?

Will he be joining his former USA Dream Team members Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami? If so , that will be one hot team. Will ego’s play a part in any new big three? On paper that would give the Heat a strong chance at winning the eastern conference.

Will Le Lebron sign with the Knicks in the highest profile media market known as the Big Apple alongside newly acquired Amare Stoudemire? Will David Lee and Wilson Chandler remain on the Knicks while this is being finalized?

We have heard rumors of his moving to the Bulls which just signed Carlos Boozer. If he does join that team he would be  playing alongside Derrick Rose, Luoi Deng and Joakim Noah. That would make a formidable team.

Got to wrap this up. We are now four hours away from the big announcement.

I want a ring!  Kobe and Shaq both have rings and I don’t. It’s not right considering the fact that I am the MVP!

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