How is the blog war advancing a progressive agenda?

You know that you have strayed from the path when you become so fixated on something that you find yourself acting out of character – and doing things that run counter to what you believe in.

That is what has happened in the ridiculous blog war that the Liberal OC continues to perpetrate against me, even though I have publicly attempted to end the hostilities.  Several of their readers pointed that out today, wondering how their constant attack on me is furthering the progressive cause.  That is a good question indeed.

It is ironic that the guys at the Liberal OC were my friends when I was a Republican.  But when I quit the GOP, the long knives came out for me.  It doesn’t make sense.  Why would liberals hate me AFTER I quit the GOP?  I just don’t get it.  It is a real head-scratcher.

Consider that in 2008, their hatred for me was so intense that they spent thousands of dollars, and partnered with horrible Republicans like Mike Schroeder and Matt Cunningham (who in the same year was a MAJOR supporter of Prop. 8!) and attacked me via U.S. mail, while I was running against Republican Carlos Bustamante for the Santa Ana City Council.

Bustamante won.  Today he is campaigning for Republican Van Tran.  Believe it – we have photographic proof.  Against Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  Had I beat him he would have been finished and you can bet that I would not have supported Tran.

Today Sanchez is at risk – and so is State Senator Lou Correa.  I am supporting them both – but once again the bloggers at the Liberal OC are going after me, not Van Tran and not Lucille Kring.  No, I am enemy number one.  Go figure.  How does this advance the progressive cause?

I fought Prop. 8 in 2008, and probably lost votes to Bustamante in part because of it.  But I would do it again.  Understand that back in the day I led the fight against the gay community.  I even got a minister defrocked when I accused him of promoting the gay agenda.  I will spend the rest of my life trying to undo the harm I did as a Republican.  The folks at ECCO recognized that when they endorsed me in 2008.

But the guys at the Liberal OC were OK with me when I was doing those things.  Now that I am a firm supporter of gay rights, they want to destroy me – and readily admit to that.  Brag about it in fact.  How does this war advance a progressive agenda?

I used to be anti-abortion.  I even worked side by side with Rosie Avila, putting fliers on cars, at local churches, attacking Senator Correa for being pro-choice.  That’s right.  I did that.  Today I am pro-choice.  I was endorsed by Planned Parenthood in 2008.  But I remain enemy number one for the guys at the Liberal OC.  I just don’t get it.

When I was a Republican I was at one time a lap dog to none other than Tom Fuentes.  I was a friend of Bob Dornan’s.  I went along with their anti-immigration dogma, insisting, as they still do now, that only legal migrants are acceptable.  Yes, I did that.

Today I have made the Minutemen toxic and unwelcome in my City of Santa Ana.  But I remain the number one target of the bloggers at the Liberal OC.  How in the world does that make any sense?

Back in the day I was the only blogger who supported Republican Janet Nguyen.  I brought her money from contractors and even wrote her a check myself.  But when I quit the GOP she turned around and endorsed Bustamante.  Today no other blogger in Orange County has torn her apart more than I have.  But my reward is a lawsuit filed by, you guessed it, the guys at the Liberal OC.

Over the past few years we have run off many of the Republicans who used to blog here, and some have resigned.  Our editor, Vern Nelson, is one of the most progressive writers in Orange County.  But we are the ones the Liberal OC wants to bring down.

When Ryan Trabuco ran for the Assembly, as a Republican against Democratic Assemblyman Jose Solorio, no one else helped him.  I did.  I brought Trabuco, who back then called himself Ryan Gene Williams, into my home.  Fed him dinner many, many times.  I even taught him how to polish his shoes.  Funny that his dad never taught him how to do that.  When his appendix ruptured I visited him in the hospital.  No other blogger did.  The only other politician who visited him was Paul Lucas.  I even wrote and designed the only mailer Trabuco sent out in his campaign.

But when I quit the Republican Party, Trabuco sold the URL that he had purchased on my behalf, my own name, www.artpedroza, to the guys at the Liberal OC.  The same guys who had attacked my Council campaign.  And today Trabuco is one of the plaintiffs suing me.  He is by the way still a partisan Republican.  I have not been one now for several years.  But I am the one the Liberal OC wants to destroy.

I just don’t get it.  I am a social progressive today, whether or not you want to believe it.  Read my posts and see for yourself.  You know the battles I fight every day.

No, I don’t support every Democrat.  Nor do I go after every Republican.  Like many of my fellow Mexican Americans I vote for the person, not the party.  I have zero tolerance for those who scapegoat immigrants.  Most of the time I do vote for Democrats, but not always.  But I remain on the hit list at the Liberal OC.

I have tried to bury the hatchet with them again and again to no avail.  I don’t know what else I can do.  And I still don’t know why they hate me so much that they went out and bought my name.  They were trying to own me.  Why would they do that?

Back in the day I was a huge opponent to unions.  Today I am a member of the AFL-CIO, as a member of the American Federation of Teachers.  The only issue I disagree with really is PLAs on public projects.  I have no problem with private PLAs in fact I supported the One Broadway Plaza project at the last Santa Ana City Council meeting.  That tower will help employ almost three thousand union workers.  I spoke up in its defense.   No one from the Liberal OC did.  In fact at least one of them actively opposed the OBP amendments.  That was his right – but I was right there with labor.  And I remain the bad guy in the eyes of the Liberal OC bloggers.

The election this fall might be the most important one in the history of the Democratic Party of Orange County.  They have a good shot at picking up the 68th Assembly District, behind a great candidate in Phu Nguyen.  I am supporting him and so are the guys at the Liberal OC.

So let’s sum this up.  I agree with the bloggers at the Liberal OC on most positions.  We are on the same page on gay rights, abortion rights, immigrant rights, etc.  And I am a member of a major union.  We both support candidates Sanchez, Correa and Nguyen.  Beyond that, I am NOT supporting Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina.  I am in fact not voting for ANY Republican statewide candidates.  Not one.

Am I sorry about all the hostilities?  You bet.  But both sides have blood on their hands.  There are no innocent parties here.  It is high time however to unite against the real bad guys.  Consider this, if Whitman wins she is going to hire most of the Red County team.  That can’t be good.  There is time yet to derail her.  But no, I am the one targeted by the Liberal OC.  It is maddening.

So can we drop the ridiculous lawsuit already and focus on advancing a progressive agenda?  It makes too much sense, doesn’t it?  I have discussed this with a number of significant Democratic Party leaders.  They all agree – this lawsuit is ridiculous and the blog war needs to end.  If you agree please contact the guys at the Liberal OC.  I don’t know that they will listen.  There are no such guarantees.  But I do know that they are not advancing their agenda by going after me.  And that just doesn’t make any damn sense at all.

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