Will the California Republican Party rebound in November with their diverse candidates?

Is the California Republican Party ready for a rebound?  RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who has been in all sorts of hot water this year, thinks so. 

Steele told reporters today, at a press conference, that the RNC is going to put resources into California GOP races this year – and that California will no longer be a “donor state.”

Steele also pointed to the diversity of the GOP’s statewide candidates for November, which include three women, an African American, and a Latino.

But will minorities support a party that has been built of late on hating Latinos, Mexicans in particular?

And will women support a party that is against choice, even if some of the GOP’s candidates, such as Carly Fiorina, are pro-choice?

The Democrats don’t exactly have a diverse slate of candidates, by comparison, but their candidates do include two Asians, three women, and one African American.  But NO Latino Democrats are running for statewide offices in November.  Unbelievable!

Will Latinos vote at all with no Latinos on the ballot except for Republican Abel Maldonado?  And if they don’t – what will that do to Latino candidates in Orange County, such as Lou Correa and Loretta Sanchez?

How the Democrats ended up with no Latino candidates is another story, but the result could be awful for the Democrats – and just might give the Republicans yet another edge.  I don’t know about the GOP’s long term future in California, but I can see them doing well in November.

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