The FFFF Fullerton Voter Guide

Friends for Fullerton’s Future put together this handy voter guide for Republicans in Fullerton and North Orange County. Our voter guide covers important local races in Orange County along with the statewide primaries. It was put together with the help of a few of our trusted Friends. The statewide recommendations are passed along from our friend Allan Bartlett.

Orange County

4th District Supervisor – Shawn Nelson

Nelson will be a leading force against the unions when it’s time to negotiate out of control pensions. His voting record make shim a strong fiscal conservative who is not afraid to stick his neck out for taxpayers. Both of his main opponents are union-supported carpetbaggers who live outside the 4th district.

OC Sheriff-Coroner – Bill Hunt

Just mark the spot for Bill Hunt and watch the establishment scramble like cockroaches. This is one of the most important races in this June election.

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