Sticks and Stones and a Protest Too

I just received this email from the Bill Hunt campaign and I believe it’s worth a post, so here you go:


This is a “Call to Arms!”

WHAT: A peaceful lunchtime Public Protest of political gamesmanship against Bill Hunt for Sheriff by the District Attorney’s Office, SAPD Chief Paul Walters, The Orange County Register, Channel 2/9 news reporter Dave Lopez, Sheriff Candidate Craig Hunter, Sheriff Candidate Sandra Hutchens.

WHEN: Wednesday June 2nd, from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

WHERE: In front of the Santa Ana Police Department Headquarters, 60 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana , Ca.

WHAT TO BRING: American Flags, posters expressing your thoughts about the recent hatchet job against Bill Hunt in the MSM, Bill Hunt signs.

BACKGROUND: Inside operatives of both the Craig Hunter and Sandra Hutchens campaigns for Sheriff have appeared to join forces in an attempt to falsely discredit Bill Hunt.

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