Six guys from Norman, Oklahoma

'Well, we may be bad, but Tiger Woods is much, much worse!'

USC is in big trouble.  They are very, very, very bad and used unfair means to win National Championships in Football and have a half hearted season in Basketball.  They might have gotten a few free Tennis balls along the way too!  Face it, USC is a west coast school.  The people on the west coast can never be trusted.  They will use fair means or foul to win sports championships.

Hey, you start off with a Pacific Ocean, Holywood movie stars, too much sunshine…..add an occasional earthquake, fire, flood or other national disaster….and you are talking real excitement.  No wonder USC wins everything!  They have all those richy rich guys driving their BMW’s and Black SUV’s…acting like they are Hedge Fund Managers…making more than a killing on Real Estate.  How unfair can it get?

The NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association and Paul Dee, chair of the Division I Committee on Infractions have determined in their wisdom that USC has been “too lucky” and they need a serious comuppance!  Reggie Bush had an agent when he wasn’t even a Heiman Trophy winner yet.  His Agent let Reggie’s family live in his unoccupied house – rent free!  Whew, we are talking real lawbreaking here.  That should be worth taking away scholarships for 10 years or so?

For those that don’t know – the NCAA are a bunch of rich guys from Norman, Oklahoma.  They operate out of a Hardware store around a potbelly stove and talk about how coaches have been molesting underage girls.  These are sick people.  They finally had to understand that the BCS – Bowl Championship Series was “Totally Unsustainable”.

They finally figured out that Utah State might wind up the National Champion and how in the world could they face their alumni in Norman – if that happened?  They now have to reorganize all the various Conferences; Big Ten, Big 12, Mountain, PAC-10.  The only one they couldn’t touch was the SEC.  In the process, the thought crossed their minds that USC with its great array of talent…might just win three more National Championships before they could stop that out of control, speeding locamotive.

Conspiracy?  Absolutely!  “Dirty Tennis Shoes” might have been the better excuse to take away the 2004 Pete Carroll, USC National Championship!  The NCAA is a joke!  OK, let’s put Texas and Oklahoma in the PAC-10….that will show those richy rich west coast liberals a thing or two!  But, in the meantime – lets make sure that USC can’t win for at least two years!  “We will just make them ineligible – how about that?”

So, what do “the Boyz from Norman” have in mind for Notre Dame, Penn State and TCU?  Standby!  To Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojan Football team – “Just win baby!”   The best revenge is always great success!  To the NCAA – take your Crystal Ball and put it where you will always have it!

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