SAUSD’s lawyers want us to believe that a special ed student wanted to be molested

The SAUSD”s lawyers want us to believe that a student with the mind of a 7 year old wanted to be molested

Our friends at the OC Weekly are reporting that the lawyers representing the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) in a civil case brought by a student with cerebral palsy who was molested by an SAUSD employee are resorting to alleging that the student essentially wanted it.

Here are a few excerpts from the OC Weekly article:

Remember the Alonso Manuel Gonzalez case? The teacher’s aide at Saddleback High School in SanTana who molested a special-ed student in late 2008, a molestation that administrators tried to cover up? The pervert who pleaded guilty to child abuse and endangerment in 2009? Turns out that the student’s parents are suing Gonzalez and the Santa Ana Unified School District in a civil suit–the former for mental and physical trauma caused to the student by his actions, the latter for negligence for keeping an employee parents had complained about for years.

The district’s response? Slur the victim–a cerebral palsy-stricken young woman that has the mental capacity of a seven-year-old–with the worst “she wanted it” defense since the Haidl boys roasted Jane Doe.

Most school districts belong to Joint Powers Authorities – which are essentially groups of school districts who pool their risk together.  When a case like this surfaces, the district typically will get the JPA involved.  Most likely the lawyers were retained by the JPA – not by the SAUSD.

That said, the SAUSD’s Risk Manager, Camille Boden, would have had an opportunity to approve the legal tactics used by the lawyers – Glenn Goldby and Shiao-Wen Huang.  They work at Declues Burkett & Thompson LLP.

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