Racist Dean Grose gets elected to the OC GOP Central Committee

Do you remember Dean Grose?  Shortly after Barack Obama won the presidential election, Grose, who at the time was the Mayor of Los Alamitos, sent out a cartoon, via email, that depicted the White House with a garden of watermelons instead of roses.

Grose accidentally copied an African American supporter of Obama.  She was so angry that she went to the media. 

Grose ended up resigning from the Los Alamitos City Council.  But activists found out where his office was and they pelted the building with watermelons.

On Tuesday, Grose returned to power, coming in fifth, in the OC GOP 67th Assembly District, ahead of Matt Harper, who works for Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

Grose beat out four incumbents!

What does this say about the Republican voters in the 67th Asembly District?

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