OC Human Relations Commission Funded for Another Year

Despite all the recent blogosphere fussin’ about the core budget of the Orange County Human Relations Commission, the OC Board of Supervisors, as the Reggie notes, voted to maintain the agency as part of a larger overall spending plan.

The 5.5 billion dollar budget passed today for the 2010-2011 fiscal year probably ensures that no layoffs will take place at the Human Relations Commission even as $97,000 was slashed from its coffers. These are difficult times nearly everywhere to be sure, but it is heartening to see the agency preserved – although clearly not at full strength – as there were predictable calls for its complete liquidation.

Earlier this month, prior to the seating of new Supervisor Shawn Nelson, there was a 2-1-1 vote in favor of continuing the $300,000 core budget for the OCHR. High anxiety is nothing new to those who continue the work of the commission founded in 1971 as the question of funding is a perpetually politicized one. Even the new budget is only modestly reassuring as, apparently, the BoS will review possible alterations before the end of the fiscal year.

It is, however, a testament to the OCHR’s reputation in the community at large that the political will, even in these times of austerity, does not yet exist to obliterate it. Those ‘bridges of understanding’ that the commission has worked to build won’t be burned…at least not this year.

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