Obama dismisses McChrystal and puts David Petraeus in charge

Gen. David Petraeus is stepping into a bad situation in Afghanistan, as McChrystal’s replacement

I was just interviewed by the BBC, on a radio program called “World What You Say,” about the situation that developed this week when General Stanley McChrystal and his staffers ripped the Obama administration over disagreements with regard to the war in Afghanistan.

President Obama announced moments before the interview that he was dismissing McChrystal, which was no surprise.  And he also announced that General David Petraeus will be taking over immediately in Afghanistan.

The speakers on the show were upset with McChrystal, but I pointed out the fact that Obama has apparently allowed the rest of his staff in Afghanistan to get away, effectively, with undermining McChrystal at every step.  That Obama has chosen not to discipline anyone else is quite telling.

As for Petraeus, he is now, like McChrystal, in a very bad spot.  He is taking over for the one American that the Afghani government, particularly their President, Hamid Karzai,  had any confidence in.  And he is taking over at a crucial juncture with new military efforts underway in some very dangerous areas.

Like Obama, I do not think we should have gotten into this war in the first place.  But he has elected to keep us in it.  And he did as McChrystal requested – he ramped up the effort instead of winding it down.

It seems that our country never learns.  The Soviets were broken by their conflict in the same region.  We in fact funded the resistance, the Mujahadeen.  They eventually morphed into the Taliban. 

How did we expect to prevail where no one else ever has?

And we didn’t catch Ossam Bin Laden, did we?  Nor shall we.

There were no Aghani people involved in the 9/11 attack on New York.  Zero.  They were all Saudis.  I think perhaps we invaded the wrong country.

And so the disaster continues in Afghanistan.  And our men and women in uniform continue to pay a heavy price – for the follies of two American Presidents – George W. Bush and now Barack Obama.

That Obama made his lame V.P., Joe Biden, his point man in Afghanistan tells you all you need to know.  It is more clear than ever that Hillary Clinton should have been Obama’s V.P., and I wonder now if it is obvious to most Democrats, if not most Americans, that she would, after all, have made a better President than Obama.

McChrystal made a mistake but I thank him for his service.  We should keep him and Gen. Petraeus in our prayers – not to mention our men and women in uniform.  I cannot imagine a happy ending in Afghanistan.  Can you?

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