Ken Calvert Cashes in at ‘Financial Services Industry’ Fundraiser Dinner

Ken Calvert is such a clown…

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Ken Calvert Cashes in at ‘Financial Services Industry’ Fundraiser Dinner
Democratic Candidate Bill Hedrick Responds

RIVERSIDE, CA – Bill Hedrick, the Democratic candidate facing Rep. Ken Calvert in November, responded to news of Calvert’s fundraiser with the Financial Services Industry. Said Hedrick:

“Ken Calvert, vocal opponent of real financial reform, has cashed in on his votes against working families and for Wall Street bankers. Calvert’s payday occurred Wednesday night, when he hosted a ‘Financial Services Industry Dinner’ at Acadiana Restaurant in Washington. For $2,500, ‘supporters’ celebrated Calvert’s anti-reform agenda. Thus far in this election cycle, the financial sector has provided Calvert with at least $150,000 in contributions.

Calvert voted for President Bush’s no-accountability, $700 billion dollar bank bailout in 2008, and has continued to reject real reform of banks and related businesses. Local families, wounded by predatory lending practices, continue to struggle. Residents of the 44th District, victimized by the economic meltdown triggered by incomprehensible corporate Wall Street greed, don’t worry about $2,500 dinners at posh restaurants inside the Washington Beltway. Instead, they must juggle bills, cover credit card debt, and pay home mortgages written by a largely lawless industry—an industry that has handsomely rewarded Ken Calvert for turning his back on working families.

The 44th District deserves a representative in Congress who will fight for financial reforms that will strengthen families and small business. Among other things, this includes breaking up banks that are ‘too big to fail,’ sensibly re-regulating the financial sector, providing mortgage assistance for responsible homeowners, and reducing and capping outrageous credit card interest rates.”


Bill Hedrick has been a public school teacher for 35 years and, as a member of the Corona-Norco Board of Education, has helped lead California’s 8th largest school district for 22 years, improving the education of 53,000 children. With a grassroots campaign and no national support, Bill came within less than two percentage points of unseating 16-year incumbent Rep. Ken Calvert in 2008. Bill is running again to fight wasteful spending and corruption and to bring real leadership – leadership we can trust – to the people of California’s 44th Congressional District.

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