Jerry Amante accepted money from BP, Mike Duvall and Tom Daly’s wife

Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante, a Republican candidate for the 70th Assembly District, accepted a donation from BP, the oil giant that is destroying the Gulf Coast, on May 22, as seen in the graphic above.

To accept a check from BP even as their Texas deep sea oil spill is ruining the Gulf Coast is simply astounding!

And it gets worse.  A review of his campaign finance report indicates he also took $6,000 form disgraced former Assemblyman Mike “Drippy” Duvall, who was forced to resign after getting caught talking about sex to another legislator, Jeff Miller.  Both Duvall and Miller have endorsed Amante.

And Amante accepted a check from Debra Daly, the wife of Democrat Tom Daly, who is running again for O.C. Clerk-Recorder.  AndAmante took a check from Daly’s political consultant, John Lewis.

Democrats for Amante?

He also accepted money from a union – the O.C. Firefighters PAC, even though OC GOP Chair Scott Baugh has asked GOP candidates not to do so.

Republican oters should demand that Amante return all of this ill-gotten money ASAP!

Email Amante by clicking here.

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