Former SAUSD Trustee Nadia Davis to face her husband’s ex-girlfriend in November

Nadia Lockyer and Bill Lockyer

Remember former SAUSD Trustee Nadia Davis?  We wrote recently about her campaign for County Supervisor in Alameda.  She got caught lying about her job but went on to get the most votes in the primary, on Tuesday. 

Davis is now married to Bill Lockyer, who is about old enough to be her father.  He spent a fortune trying to get her elected.  Here’s the rub.  Davis is now going to have to face her runner-up, Liz Figueroa, in a November run-off.  But get this, Lockyer used to date Figueroa!  Awkward!

When Bill Lockyer and Liz Figueroa served together as Alameda County’s state senators in the 1990s, they were also, as the gossip columnists like to say, “an item,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

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