Are the Democrats assaulting Prop. 13 with their proposed tax increases?

Jon Coupal, the head of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, says that the new state budget proposed by the Democrats in Sacramento is a direct attack on Prop. 13. 

The Democrats are looking to increase taxes, as usual, rather than slash more wasteful state spending, or consider real reform, such as amending Three Strikes, decriminalizing drugs, reforming wasteful public employee pensions, and getting rid of the Death Penalty, etc.  Reforms like those would save us a mint!

Read on and see if you agree with Coupal…

New Senate Democrat Budget Plan Is a Direct Assault on Proposition 13

SACRAMENTO — Rather than taking responsibility for their own out-of-control Tax-and-Spend habits, Senate Democrats today once again blamed Proposition 13 for California’s woes as they proposed massive tax increases on Californians, under the guise of shifting the money to provide local services. The proposed plan would increase either oil severance tax or sales taxes via a majority vote. Removing tax breaks for struggling businesses and making permanent last year’s .5% increase in the car tax round out the increases.

HJTA President Jon Coupal commented that the Senate plan represents more of the same from the majority party.

“Democrats have yet to learn that attacking Proposition 13 using a majority vote is a non-starter both with California taxpayers and in the courts,” said Coupal. “Rather than continuing to use this landmark proposition as a scapegoat for their fiscal ineptitude, the leaders should figure out how to use $88 billion in General Fund revenue to serve the most people without raising taxes during these tough economic times.”

Coupal went on to comment that taxes should be off the table during this time of economic recession: “What message does an oil severance or car tax send to our drivers who don’t want to see gas prices increase because they need to get to work? What message does a sales tax increase send to the struggling retail community? What message does a repeal of business tax relief send to companies looking to invest or stay in California? Taxpayers deserve a better plan then higher taxes hiding behind a facade of increased local control.”

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