Are Santa Ana’s red light cameras wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars?

A Santa Ana resident is asking the Santa Ana City Council to stop wasting money on red light cameras.  Here are his thoughts, which are well-researched and quite compelling:

Honorable Mayor and Councilmembers:

I wrote to you earlier this month about the proposed contract (a copy of that email is pasted below). I have just read the staff report prepared for Monday night’s meeting, and have the following comments.

1. Cost neutrality has not been removed from the contract – the amendment is unchanged from that submitted to you for the meeting of the 7th, and it does not deal with the cost-neutral language contained in Section 26(a) of the 2002 contract. The staff report submitted for tonight’s meeting does not even discuss the issue, or the effect of current legislation in Sacramento. I hope you will ask your staff for a detailed, written explanation as to why they think cost neutrality should be retained.

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