The Orange Juice blog has been upgraded to a new server!

The Orange Juice blog – now mightier than ever!

You might be wondering why the Orange Juice blog has been offline at times today. 

We received this note from GoDaddy, the company that hosts our blog on their servers, recently:

It has come to our attention that your is causing an overload of the shared resources on this server. This, in turn, affects the server performance for other customers.

Today we finally crashed the server, due to our high traffic.

So I have upgraded us to a new server, with GoDaddy, that will triple our capabilities.  It is called a grid server and in essence it uses three servers in tandem, so if one gets tied up with traffic, there are two others available to fill in.

I am told this will fix the problem.

Our detractors like to say that no one reads our blog.  Well, apparently that isn’t true!

Thanks for reading the Orange Juice blog.  Now new and improved!

By the way, I wonder why the blue boys at the Liberal OC still haven’t taken care of the virus that has infected their blog?  It turned out to be a simple fix after we hired a vendor to deal with it.  Seems like a rude thing to do to their readers…

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