The Company Bill Hunt Keeps: now, Michele Bachmann?




Another Wingnut Celebrity for Bill Hunt.

Controversial Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is swinging through Irvine this morning to raise funds for her upcoming campaign, much as equally controversial Florida Democrat Alan Grayson recently swung through Hollywood for the same reason.  If you want to shell out $80 to view the Wingnut Princess ($175 if you want your picture with her) it’s gonna be today (Friday) from 11:30 to 2:30, at The Pilsner Room, McCormick’s & Schmick’s Restaurant, 2000 Main Street in Irvine. For info or to RSVP, contact Kim Jorgenson 949.683.1902 or

The only reason I find this worth posting is that sheriff candidate Bill Hunt has made it clear that he’ll be there to bask in Bachmann’s mad glow.  He seems to be on a systematic mission to publicly embrace the most fringe elements of today’s right – the unrepentant Huntington Beach racist Barbara Coe, the lawless, brutal and buffoonish Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and now the wild-eyed Fox News darling who:

Is this the sheriff we want?

Four years ago Bill Hunt seemed like a bold hero in his insurgent campaign against boundlessly corrupt and lawless Sheriff Carona.  But what do we know about him now, four years later?

We know he strongly disagrees with incumbent Sheriff Hutchens’ money-saving early releases of non-violent offenders, and has various plans to open up more jail space to lock up more of those offenders for as long as legally possible.  Yet he promises to save OC taxpayers money, but his ideas for cutting costs are unworkable or unconstitutional:  e.g. denying public defender services to all but the most indigent; billing prisoners for their health care, etc.  In reality his policies would cost OC taxpayers millions while bringing us closer to a police state.

The once-luminous anti-Carona crusader now nearly covered by the shadows of his recent associations and their baleful influence on his soul.

He has signaled every way he possibly can that he intends to focus most of his attention and resources on immigration enforcement (necessarily at the expense of other priorities) from his public support of Arizona’s SB 1070, to his famous admiration of Joe Arpaio, to his embrace of notorious racist Minuteman leader Barbara Coe.


What does he mean to signal by his endorsement and attendance at the Bachmann event?  That he shares the Congresswoman’s contempt and fear of the Federal Government, which seems to be the major thread weaving through her most controversial pronouncements?  That would be my best guess, and one more red flag in a veritable forest of them his candidacy throws up.


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