Stand up to Obama – Call DiFi – Audit Fed!

Today or tomorrow, the Senate will decide whether to follow the lead of the House and include an amendment to the vital Financial Reform bill demanding an independent audit of the Federal Reserve.  Senator Bernie Sanders is working hard on getting 60 votes to overcome a filibuster right now.  As TPM notes, “There are just a few small obstacles: the White House, major financial institutions, and the Fed itself. Their resistance is fierce–but the measure is so popular that killing it will be difficult for them and that, in their eyes, threatens to put a grenade at the center of efforts to to tighten the rules on Wall Street.”

Many of us on the left and the right believe that the Fed secretly loaned major financial institutions over $2 trillion during the recent crisis, and we want a comprehensive audit to show us which companies got that money, and what the terms were.

Republican-with-conscience Ron Paul and Democrat-with-guts Alan Grayson got the audit amendment through the House earlier this year, and now Senator Sanders, “America’s Senator,” has got a lot of bipartisan support, from Brownback and DeMint on the right to Feingold and our own BBox on the left, but our job is to hassle DiFi at (202) 224-3841 today, and get that DINO on board! You can use this script.  This IS on the verge of happening, even though for some reason Mr. “transparency” Obama isn’t comfortable with it!

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