Obama to visit sanctuary city, campaign for Boxer at taxpayer expense

The majority of voters thought they were voting for change when they voted for Barack Obama, but not everything is changing. For instance, using Air Force One and the entourage that goes with it for campaign purposes.

KFI’s Bill Handel reported this morning that President Obama will fly into San Francisco International Airport late this afternoon and appear at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser in a downtown hotel this evening. One might think that after the President recently batted zero with regard to Congressional endorsees winning their elections, Boxer might want to reconsider, but apparently not.

Handel said that the use of Air Force One and all that comes with it for a pure political trip and appearance is a questionable use of public funds except that the next day the President will be speaking on the important topic of going green. This makes the trip a legitimate Presidential expense, apparently.

Our gulf coast is awash in leaking oil thanks to BP and the Louisiana Governor is pleading for White House action to authorize the construction of sand berms to keep the oil out of the estuaries along the Louisiana coast. There are growing concerns about what the President is or is not doing about the oil spill. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in China trying to drum up support for getting tough with North Korea after that country apparently torpedoed a South Korean ship, and the KFI news just reported that General Petraeus has authorized covert Special Forces ventures into such countries as Iran and Somalia. National angst regarding control of our borders and the surge in human trafficking and crime along our southern border seems to be at an all time high with the Arizona Governor pleading for the President to control the border or at least acknowledge he has received her letters.

With all this going on our President’s priority is traveling to San Francisco, a sanctuary city, to speak at a fund raiser for a Congresswoman who appears to be facing her biggest electoral challenge yet and to speak on the subject of going green. The taxpayers are footing the travel cost for this trip and that seems to show that very little has changed.

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