November Elections Start Now

The 2010 elections are coming. One of the most interesting Congressional elections will be the special election held in Hawaii’s First Congressional District. The most interesting candidate is Charles Djou, a first generation immigrant who “gets it” about the American dream. Its not about externalizing excuses and creating pockets of the country his parents worked so hard to leave behind, but embracing the American dream. He understands the moral end of smaller government and bigger individuals, not bigger government and smaller individuals. The special election in Hawai’i is unique in that it is entirely by mail-in ballot. Starting Saturday, ballots went out to all citizens of the First Congressional District. Between now and May 22, registered voters can mail in their ballots. And between now and then, the candidates can continue to campaign.

That’s why a little help from everyone could be so valuable. Go to and donate your lunch money today.  $5, $10. Even less. Help make sure the dream of legal immigrants stays bright.

Djou leads with 36 percent, former congressman Ed Case is chasing at 28 percent, and state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa is trailing with 22 percent.

Did I mention the First Congressional District is Obama’s Home District?

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