Iraq/Afghanistan Vets Want a Clean Energy Bill!

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Since last year, at and our blog,, we’ve stressed the need to pass clean energy legislation, and break our dependence on foreign oil, profits from which help fund our enemies.  Today, we’re putting over $1 million behind a new ad that makes it perfectly clear – as Washington stays asleep on this issue, our enemies are getting bolder and richer.  (Click here to help keep this ad on the air.)

Earlier in the month, we unveiled a poll, made up 45 percent self-identified Republicans, all Iraq or Afghanistan veterans, which showed nearly three-quarters of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans want clean energy legislation passed, and passed now.

It’s for all of those veterans, who have seen what a well-funded enemy means for our troops and American security that we’re putting so much behind this ad, and this issue.  But we need you with us.  Please donate here to keep our ad on the air!

Together, we’ll get this legislation passed, but it will mean that we all stand together.  So, please, take a moment to click the link above.

Richard Allen Smith
Afghanistan War Veteran
Senior Advisor,

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